What Went Wrong With Passengers?

Passengers (2016) - Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Passengers

High hopes abounded for Morten Tyldum’s recent release Passengers. With a holiday release date, an interesting premise, and Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence cast as the leads, it seemed the film would be unstoppable. After over a week in theatres, though, the film has barely made up a third of its budget, and critics almost universally agree that the film is a superficial, unsatisfying mess. Since this script was on the renowned Black List and it took nearly a decade for the movie to finally see development, it’s doubly frustrating that the final result would be so bad. So, where does the blame for Passengers really lie?

The reasons for Passengers‘ failure range from the practical to the political. At the most basic level, …

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