Logan: Caliban’s in a Cage in New Image

Logan - Stephen Merchant Caliban - cropped

It’s hard to believe that in just three short months, we’ll see Hugh Jackman’s last turn as Wolverine in Logan. Of course, Jackman has teased us before about his departure from the X-Men franchise, so we may have to take the idea with a grain of salt – especially amidst rumors that he and Ryan Reynolds may team up for a Wolverine and Deadpool film. We know that, despite chatter to the contrary, the Merc with a Mouth won’t be appearing in Logan. The exclusion of Wade Wilson, however, doesn’t mean we won’t be meeting plenty of new mutants in the upcoming film. After all, Fox has a universe to continue building.

Aside from X-23 and Charles Xavier, we’ll get to know Stephen Merchant’s take …

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