How Alien: Covenant Connects to Prometheus and Alien

Alien: Covenant - Michael Fassbender on piano

When Alien first burst on the scene in 1979, it was a shock to the horror-sci-fi world. The film eschewed the fantastical adventure narrative of Star Wars and the clinical, precision futurism of 2001: A Space Odyssey in favor of a gritty, blue collar stellar experience that spat acid in the face of its audience and genre conventions. After a number of sequels, which followed the visceral classic, to varying degrees of success, series originator Ridley Scott returned to the franchise with Prometheus – a colossally-scaled loose prequel to Alien, which brought with it almost as many questions as it did answers.

A thought-provoking if somewhat grandiloquent entry, Prometheus hinted at sweeping connections to the overall saga and also reignited interest in Scott’s …

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