Deadpool & Spider-Man Take a Shot at Zack Snyder

Deadpool Spiderman Christmas Sweaters

[Warning: Contains SPOILERS for “Spider-Man/Deadpool” #12.]

Each December brings with it extra helpings of good tidings and cheer. This time of year also bring with it everyone’s favorite non-canon seasonal bonus, comic book holiday specials. This year, the Krampus came a little late, delivering a stocking-full of “Spider-Man/Deadpool” #12 and featuring the return of a not-so-jolly white-bearded man and his dearth of goodwill. Marvel fans were also treated to another round of that dysfunctional duo and their decades of frenemy status, making for some of the best superhero smack-talk on the planet.

With Deadpool and Spider-Man on fourth-wall breaking duty, of course, no one is safe. Their unique brand of season’s greetings offers a …

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