Alien: Covenant & Emoji Movie Top Social Media Buzz

Alien: Covenant and Emoji Movie top social media (header only)

Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant and Sony’s The Emoji Movie are two wildly different films that are arriving in 2017 and have already generated much interest. Alien Covenant is both a sequel to Scott’s divisive Prometheus and a prequel to the director’s sci-fi classic Alien. On the opposite end of the spectrum, The Emoji Movie is an animated film based on the popular digital ideograms and smileys known as emojis.

Awareness of both Alien Covenant and The Emoji Movie was buoyed by the release of teaser trailers over the winter holidays frame. Technically released (very early) on Christmas Day, the Alien Covenant trailer teases a return to the visceral horror of early entries in the Alien franchise, with glimpses of familiar creatures pleasing fans all over the world. The Emoji Movie trailer took more of a meta-approach by comparison, with the Meh emoji directly informing viewers of the film’s upcoming release. Nevertheless, both movies have been the talk of the Internet …

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