Logan Trailer Gets a LEGO Makeover

Logan trailer in LEGO form

Logan promises to be the most violent entry in Hugh Jackman’s solo Wolverine movies, and possibly the bloodiest X-Men movie yet. There are now many stark black & white photos and somber trailers that paint a dark, visceral picture of the film, too. Logan will show both Logan and Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) in ways that haven’t been portrayed on the big screen before, as grizzled old mutants whose powers are deteriorating – something that should only accentuate the movie’s grim tone compared to other X-Men adaptations.

Although the previews for Logan haven’t exactly looked fun, it’s not impossible to find levity in the movie’s otherwise gloomy first trailer. Set to Johnny Cash’s melancholy swan song, his iconic cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”, the Logan trailer certainly looks and feels like the “violent Western” that the movie has been described as. Nevertheless, one creative YouTuber decided it would be …

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