Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer: See the Universe Anew

Pearl Mackie Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Season 10

In a year that all but went without a new episode of Doctor Who, it’s only natural for there to be plenty of questions about what the upcoming season will bring, especially since it will include the Doctor’s new companion. Bill Potts is played by Pearl Mackie, and although the announcement of her filling the spot left by Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald was announced some time ago, details on her character and the adventures she’ll embark on with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor have been limited, to say the least. But as the season 10 creeps ever closer to its spring 2017 premiere, there is not only a new episode of the series to help tide fans over until then, but a brand new trailer as well.

The new trailer was technically attached to the abovementioned new episode – i.e., the 2016 Christmas Special, ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’ – but …

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