Jon Bernthal Reveals The Punisher ‘Resonates’ with Him

Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in Daredevil Season 2

When Jon Bernthal took up the role of the Punisher in season 2 of the Netflix Marvel series Daredevil, it was a slight risk on the part of the showrunners considering the overwhelmingly negative reception associated with the three movie adaptations of the comic book character. Like the character of Daredevil himself, however, Bernthal’s Punisher found critical and fan success in the show, which was enough for Netflix and Marvel to launch the spinoff series starring Bernthal titled The Punisher.

While it presumably won’t release until after the upcoming team-up miniseries, The DefendersThe Punisher has been busy filling out its cast and filming for its upcoming first season. Now Bernthal has revealed what really drew him to the Punisher …

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