Did Marvel Just Relaunch The Ultimate Universe?

Ultimates2 2 variant Marvel

 [Warning: contains SPOILERS for the Ultimates2 #2.]

As one of the universe’s first and best defenses against the agents of chaos throughout universe, the breakup of the Ultimates was problematic to say the least. After King T’Challa (the Black Panther) denounced Carol Danvers’ actions during Civil War II, the team lost favor with the U.S. Government and also with one another. The end of the super-team, however, didn’t stop the universe from churning, nor did its mindbogglingly vast amount of threatening life-forces cease their nefarious deeds.

The second round of the Ultimates2 saga (signified by the superscript) found the team still at odds, but with a major call-to-arms from a major life form, Galactus – now the Lifebringer …

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