15 Things You You Forgot About Gargoyles

Elisa Maza and Goliath in Gargoyles.

Millennia ago, mighty gargoyles guarded Wyvern Castle in Scotland. But after the castle fell to Viking raiders, the gargoyles are cursed to spend millennia petrified into stone statues. They awake a thousand years later in modern Manhattan, where they meet new allies, face new enemies, and fight old prejudices.

Produced by Disney, animated TV show Gargoyles aired from October of 1994 until February of 1997. With its engaging characters and surprisingly well-developed storylines, Gargoyles quickly found its audience among children and adults alike. Characters like the noble gargoyle Goliath (voiced by Keith David – They Live, The Thing), the leader of the Manhattan clan of gargoyles, or the fearless police detective Elisa Maza (Salli Richardson-Whitfield – Black Dynamite) are still fondly remembered …

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